I bought 10 cases for my mother and aunts for Mother’s Day.  My mom liked hers so much she wanted to put them on the couch pillows!  I gave my son, who likes soft things, a red case to match the color of the university he will be attending next year.
Sandy R

Exceeded my expectations!  Gorgeous and genius design! I am LOVING these pillowcases! So comfortable! Thank you again! Thank you so much. I love the purple color I selected. Highly recommend this seller!! 💜
Return 30yr old female customer

I wanted to let you that my mom loves her pillow cases! She likes the soft side the best.
Tracy D

My Dry Moon added volume to my pillow and allows me to comfortably go to bed after showering when my hair is still wet. I use it in my dorm room. My friends were in my room yesterday and they were talking about my “cool pillow”
Alma C

I got my Dry Moon Pillowcase in the nick of time! As a night sweat-er, summers are always hard. I used to wake up with my pillow stuck to my face and I am happy that this wont be a problem now that its heating up. Dry Moon is the perfect solution. If I sweat, the towel side soaks it all up! If the towel side gets too hot, I just flip it over and have a nice, cool, silky place to rest my head. Its great to support women entrepreneurs with a product that really works for me!
Kristen C

Thank you for the wonderful pillow cases – we “put them to work” yesterday and loved the feel as we laid in them and they match the curtains;  bedspread;  and pillows for the bedspread all over the room wonderfully!!- so special. They are beautiful!  I can see why people like the purple-rich color choice.
Charlotte M

It might sound strange – but I have not had to wash my hair as much as I used to since sleeping on my Dry Moon.
Claudia F