Dry Moon Pillowcases are for people who:

  • experience night sweats, hot flashes or excessive perspiration,
  •  value comfort and durability – college students, seniors, and campers,
  • go to sleep with wet hair after showering,
  • watch TV marathons or Sunday football,
  • read the Sunday newspaper in bed,
  • like a cozy pillow to curl into for coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter

Colors:  Red, White, Blue, Purple, Black and Teal
Fits Standard and Standard/Queen pillows

$25 or $45 pair
Ease care and durable, machine wash cool, tumble dry low, cool iron if needed

 Available in Cincinnati at Celebrate Local in Liberty Town Center Mall

Dry Moon Pillowcases are individually made in Cincinnati OH, USA.
The founder, a licensed psychologist, a competitive athlete,  and mother of 3,  knows the importance of quality sleep for health, wellness and optimal mental and physical performance.

After struggling to get her 8 hours during a bout of night sweats, the third generation sewist created a differently sided case – one side for super softness and absorbency, the other adding style to her coordinated bedding. She quickly discovered that other women and men wanted the plush and posh cases and Dry Moon Pillowcases was born.