Sleep to Manage Weight

That drowsy feeling we get when we are tired reminds us how important sleep is for our brain functioning, including memory, decision-making, reaction time and mood.  It’s important, too, for the rejuvenation of the physical body and for weight control.

A good sleep routine contributes to weight management because sleepiness and deprivation are related to:
*  increased cortisol which increases our appetite.
*  the tendency to fill-up our plates with more food than if rested.
*  increased cravings foods high in carbs, fat and calories.
*  selecting unhealthy foods at the grocery store.
*  a slowing of the metabolism.
In addition, sleeping rather than staying up late, quite simply keeps us from getting hungry and snacking (but if you must – read Eating [be-]For Sleeping ).

 In short, recent studies suggest that sleep is a primary factor in weight loss and management.


Image displays the light teal Dry Moon Pillowcase


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