Beauty Sleep to Look Like A Sleeping Beauty

The most important beauty tool is not found in a make-up bag.  The best thing we can do for healthy skin is get good quality nightly sleep.  As we slumber away, our body is in the midst of amazing renewal and rejuvenation processes, for instance:

  • collagen is replenished – preventing wrinkles
  • blood flows to the skin – producing a healthy radiant glow
  • skin is hydrated –  rebalancing moisture
  • growth hormones rise and protein is produced – allowing cells to repair damage
  • the immune system is fortified – inhibiting flare-ups of skin diseases (i.e., psoriasis, eczema)

For healthy skin:

  • remove make-up to clean pores and prevent acne flare-ups.
  • apply moisturizer before  going to bed, the impact is enhanced during the evening renewal process.
  •  wash your pillowcase regularly to keep it clean of bacteria and dust mites.
  • sleep on the satin side of a plush and posh differently-sided Dry Moon Pillowcase; the extra smooth fabric reduces friction and prevents facial creases and wrinkles.

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