Eating (be-)For Sleeping

Eating before going to bed can interfere with quality zzz’s and weight control. There are times, however, when a late night snack or drink is needed to stop hunger pangs.  Top choices that boost sleep and conquer cravings are a:

* slice of cheese
* cup of plain yogurt
* banana
* handful of walnuts, almonds or pistachio nuts
* slice of whole wheat bread with a dab of peanut butter or piece of turkey
* bowl of oatmeal
* hard boiled egg

Terrific drink options are a glass of cherry juice, chamomile or green tea.

Desserts should be enjoyed in the early evening and not as a late night snack. Chocolate contains caffeine and sweet treats create havoc on blood sugar levels which, in turn, disrupts the sleep cycle.

                                 Whether at night or at noon, rest is best with a Dry Moon  

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